‘Ode aan Aldo’

Especially made for the exhibition RHIZOME-BWH 2.0 in the former Burgerweeshuis van Aldo van Eyck.

Press release

Finissage Saturday 11 februari 17:00-21:00

A last chance to see the BurgerWeesHuis van Aldo van Eyck and ‘RHIZOME- BWH 2.0′, including an impressive new shoot: A twelve meter drawing-installation inspired by the BWH, by artist Semna van Ooy!

Semna van Ooy’s (1961) sculptures and drawings result from a cyclic proces of repeated acting, observing and reacting, with the analysis of movement and the context in which a work is placed as structural starting points. Especially for RHIZOME-BWH 2.0, van Ooy made the drawing installation ‘Ode to Aldo': Inspired by the building with its modular structure, that can be viewed as repetitive movement, its domes, glass and  brick walls, a triptych developped that covers the 12 mtr long, curved wall  in the heart of the exposition.

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http://semnavanooy.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/midden-deel-72-wpcf_1024x670.jpg http://semnavanooy.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rechts2-72-wpcf_1024x582.jpg